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Beginnings: Start Here

I’m starting a new adventure. I have taken more time than I should have to set up this blog… To register the domain name, familiarize myself with WordPress, download themes and widgets and plugins. Who knew blogging was so complicated? Back in the beginning of the internets, the website I had (I don’t even think the word blog existed…) was built in MS Word. It was a hot mess of hyperlinks and pictures and I don’t think anyone ever visited it. And then there was my fiasco of an attempt to blog about soup. I’m not kidding…

But I have been thinking a lot about starting a new blog lately. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and have been told I have a talent for it. And I have stories to tell. Some are funny, quirky diversions about my adventures crafting, cooking, or living in this world. And others are darker, and sadder, and deal with loss and grief. 

So I began to think of this blog, and what I wanted to write, and why I wanted to share it (or why I thought anyone would even read it). I want to share my culinary adventures, in my tiny galley of a kitchen. I want to share my craft projects, my knitting and crocheting, and my own patterns. I want to share my experience as I try to complete the All Arts Challenge, which will have me trying to complete 17 projects before August 2015. I want to share my story of losing four pregnancies, and where I am now as we begin to try for a fifth. And I want to share my story of healing. 

I have found joy and solace in the kitchen. I have found sanity beyond expectation in stitching. I have things to say – funny things, sad things and inspiring things. I hope you will come by again to read them. 



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