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I Won a Chiaogoo Contest!

I found a post on Facebook that Chiaogoo Needles (my absolute favourite brand to work with!) was having a contest on Ravelry. Below is what I posted:

I bought my first pair of ChiaoGoo specifically for my award winning Wilmington Shawl and immediately raved about them in my project notes. “Also new to this project, since I didn’t have size 7 needles, is a set of ChiaoGoo red cables. I started my needle collection with Addis, fell in love with Hiya Hiya, and have to say, now love ChiaoGoo best of all.” I swiftly purchased a second size, and will quickly and quietly be swapping out my Addis and HiyaHiyas with ChiaoGoo… (Quickly because I love them; quietly so my darling husband hopefully won’t notice!) The red cable is so supple, it makes working magic loop or large projects a breeze!

Currently on the needles is a fabulous experimental piece for me. I just finished my first sweater, and have now tackled my first cardigan! I have “Cobbled” it together from three different patterns. poolside, Marian and I’m planning on adding the lace bind off used in Henslowe.

So I present my “Cobbled Cardigan” currently on the needles. I took this shot at my local Panera, where I meet with a wonderful group of women for the Northern Montgomery County SNB! It’s been a week on the needles, but I’m almost done, and then I have a small laundry list of stitching to do for the holidays. Convertible mittens/fingerless mitts, a few cowls, a shawl, and maybe a pair of socks! Gosh wouldn’t those projects just stitch up so much faster if ALL my needles were as lovely as my two pairs of ChiaoGoos??? Hmmm…


Well just a few hours ago I learned that I had won! I gleefully picked out a set of Chiaogoo interchangeable needles in their Twist Red Lace, size 9-15s. I already have “nice needles” in size 0-8, so this completes my collection perfectly!



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