Project Stories

My First Cardigan

 I started this project as a Marian shrug on size 8 needles, but had to frog it completely and replace it with size 7 to get a better fabric.

Sometime after I had finished almost the entire piece I realized that I really did not want a shrug. What I really wanted was a cardigan. So I ripped it out entirely, and modified it. I used the shoulders from the poolside pattern and instead of completing it in the round like a pullover sweater I worked it flat so that I have an open cardigan with the pullover shoulders and sleeves. I continued to work the back as for the directions of the Marian shrug and then finished with the Henslowe bind off using the Marian lace for the front.

At the end of the day it really is a whole different pattern but since I’ve incorporated three different patterns from three different pieces I’m calling it the Cobbled Cardigan.


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