Dots & Dashes Cowl (Knit)

FullSizeRender[1]I proudly present my first Ravelry pattern!

This simple patterns creates a dense weave of fabric that is perfect for chilly nights. It works particularly well with yarns that are extremely multicolored, as the pattern creates almost a sprinkle effect with the shifting hues. The reversible pattern shows one side of “dots” and another of “dashes”.





My mother in law requested a cowl to be made for a friend of hers for Christmas this year. For my piece, I used Dragonfly Fibers sport yarn (she calls that weight “Damsel”) in her “Firework” colorway. I had the opportunity to speak with the artist behind this fabulous yarn at Maryland Sheep & Wool festival. She helped me pick out the yarn for my Cobbled Cardigan Project, again her Damsel, in Kelpie. She is a local artist, and her fibers and colorways are truly stunning. You can find her online store here.

I tried several different patterns with this yarn, but found the colors would hide the pattern. I needed something simple that would allow the colors to play together, so this is what I came up with! The colors blend together but still manage to pop!





After I finished the piece, I popped it in the mail and sent it off. And then was encouraged by several stitching friends to post my pattern to Ravelry. Alas I had only the two pictures! Due to popular demand, I drove an hour out to Annapolis, Maryland to meet with the wonderful woman who received this cowl for Christmas! Even though we have never met, she agreed to meet with me at a Target and let me get some more shots of the piece. (This is how you know I love you guys). 







Finished Size:

The finished dimensions, with my tension, the sport yarn, and size 7s, was about 24″ in a loop (48″ around) and 8″ deep, which drapes nicely around the neck. Adding a second skein would make it about 16” deep, and move the height of the cowl up around your chin.


335-670 yards of sport weight yarn (one or two skeins depending on personal preference)
Recommend size 7 needles, on 32-40” circulars
One stitch marker






This pattern was knit using 32″ size 7 circular needles, in my favourite brand, ChiaoGoo.




5 thoughts on “Dots & Dashes Cowl (Knit)

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I have some multicolored yarn that may be just right, but am wondering about the final dimension of the cowl with your yarn, which is a bit heavier.

    1. Hi Kay!
      Thank you so much! The finished dimensions, with my tension, the DK yarn, and size 7s, was about 24″ in loop (48″ around) and 8″ deep. I can’t wait to see what you make with it.

      Enjoy, and contact me if you need anything 🙂

  2. Hi Dana..thank you for sharing your pattern for your beautiful cowl. Can you please add more photos of the whole cowl.

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