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iOS Apps for Crafts

My mother is always amazed at the way I “flip between the centuries”, one minute working at a spinning wheel, the next, updating my blog via iPad. What can I say? I’m a digital crafter. That being said, there are some wonderful apps out there if you are also a crafter, and here’s my thoughts on a few of them.

(Note, these apps are all for iOS devices, like iPhone and iPad… Click on the pictures to see them bigger!)

1) JKnit Lite by Jakrosoft (Free version) – The Pro version is $9.99 which is a high price for an app, but I went ahead and bought it. DON’T. First off, just because you have the full version for one device, they still expect you to buy the full version for other devices. This is the only app I have ever heard of that does it. The only thing you get from the full version is the ability to input your own patterns into their pattern creator, so that as you mark rows complete, the pattern changes and tells you what to do next. This sounded wonderful to me, but the only way to get your patterns in are (a) buy them from their rather pricey site, that doesn’t have nearly the selection of Ravelry or (b) input them yourself and that system was so frustrating I have tried it three times and never gotten it to work. They also limit the number of patterns you can input in to their website to three, unless you want to pay an additional $14.99/year. That being said, the lite version is all you need to keep PDFs organized on your phone/iPad, and you can show a small yellow bar to move through the pattern to highlight where you are in the text, or what row in a chart. This would be ideal for knit, crochet, needlepoint & cross stitch.


















2) Knit Counter by Cordless Dog (Free version) – There is a paid version that lets you track multiple works in progress. It’s $3.99. I haven’t upgraded to that yet, not sure I need it. This free version lets you put in a row counter, and even link special rows by events (every other row, etc). It’s a handy enough app, though if you’re working very long rows you may find your phone falling asleep in between taps. This would be ideal for knit and crochet




















3) Popplet lite  (Free version) – this is supposed to be a brainstorming app, but I have to tell you it saved me a lot of heartache this year at Maryland Sheep & Wool. Last year I purchased as I wandered. This led to a lot of “Well, if I had known this was two booths down I wouldn’t have bought that.”  This year I went in prepared. In advance, I had taken screen shots of all the patterns I was looking to purchase yarn for, and notes on the weight of yarn and yardage needed. There’s plenty of room because the app lets you pinch in and out to zoom. As I walked around, if I saw a yarn I thought would work well for a pattern, I would add a popplet linking that pattern to that yarn, snap a picture of the yarn with the iPad camera, and make notes about how much it would cost me to do the project in that yarn, and where it was. I walked the entire festival, then sat down with my iPad, had a lovely lunch with friends, and decided which yarns to go back for. No regrets! I got a lot of walking done that day, but am so pleased with my purchases this year! The yarn for Wilmington, Cobbled Cardigan, Poolside were all purchased this way, and as you can see from the picture below (and my Ravelry queue) Ardelise is coming up soon, with the “Bargain Bunny” I specifically purchased for it.  Now, whenever I know I’m going to be at a local yarn store, I make sure I have a few patterns in Popplet so I’m not aimlessly shopping and buying “pretty” things that I don’t have a pattern in mind for. This app would be ideal for knit, crochet, needlepoint & cross stitch. 


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