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This is Why We’re Not Pregnant Yet…

So, we’re not pregnant yet. We had reason to wonder when I seemed to be late this month, but it turns out it was just the stress of the holidays. At a doctor visit this week I was told everything looks good to go, and to “just relax and have fun”. Which we have been doing. We’re in good spirits, and I wanted to share an example of that with you. In the long honored tradition of The Office “That’s What She Said” jokes (if you have somehow managed to never experience those, here’s a video), Chris and I have begun a campaign of “This Is Why We’re Not Pregnant Yet”  






Basically, something innocuous is said, and twisted by the other person to explain why we’re not pregnant yet.

Putting together a PVC frame. 

  • Chris: I think that’s supposed to go in the other end
  • Dana: This is why we’re not pregnant yet

Creating grocery lists

  • Dana: Siri, add “Eggs” to my “Things to Buy” list
  • Chris: Siri, add “Eggs” to my “Things to Impregnate” list
  • Siri: I’m sorry, you don’t have a list called “Things to Impregnate”
  • Dana: Well, this is why we’re not pregnant yet.

Nose Nookie

  • Dana: (whimper) My tummy hurts
  • Chris: (furiously rubbing Dana’s nose) Here, this will draw the blood away from the site
  • Dana: That’s not how that works, and this is why we’re not pregnant yet.

Dinner with friends, the conversation turns to cats in heat (Well, what do you talk about at dinner??)

  • Ryan: Yeah, they go to the highest place they can find, and start yowling constantly until they find a mate
  • Chris: Huh. Well, that’s why you’re not pregnant yet…
  • Dana: Because I don’t yowl from the top of the fridge??
  • Chris: Yup.
  • Dana: Noted. 

 (On a special side note, any woman who has spent any amount of time on a TTC “Trying To Conceive” forum will tell you that the hardest thing is knowing when it’s time to “Baby Dance”. If I felt the urge to climb the fridge and yowl at Chris, we would probably be pregnant by now… It’s a pretty clear sign.)

So like I said, we’re having fun with this. But keep the Happy Thoughts coming – your love and support means the world to us. 




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