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That Time I Was The Crazy Lady at Starbucks

You know those commercials Disney is running where they tell you to show your Disney side? Like the mom at her kid’s birthday party who comes swinging in like a pirate on a rope, wildly brandishing a cutlass to cut the birthday cake? Or the grandpa who gets up on stage, where his grandson is dressed like a lion for a school play, and does the Rafiki thing from Lion King?









Well, I’m really in to Disney – in fact, I can burst in to most of their songs at any given moment, and do so with little to no provocation. Most of the people I have in my life appreciate this about me. But I have to admit, I sometimes startle strangers.


Earlier this week, while I was at my usual Starbucks, the barista seemed to be humming the song “All In The Golden Afternoon” from Disney’s cartoon Alice in Wonderland. Now this is an oldie, but a goodie, and definitely less well known than many of Disney’s more current works. So I was delightfully surprised.

I winked conspiratorially at her and said “You can learn a lot of things from the flowers…” She looked up, with a look that I read as surprise for my recognizing the piece, so I continued “For especially in the month of June, There’s a wealth of happiness and romance, All in the golden afternoon.”

She was standing there, holding a spoon over my latte, with a look that became more apparent to me was not delighted surprise over our shared Disney moment, but rather, blatant confusion. Perhaps wondering why I was talking about having conversations with flowers about happiness, or what I was talking about June for, as it is clearly a snowy day in February. Maybe a little bit wondering if I’d suddenly broken with reality, or was trying to pick her up, or a million possibilities.

I, meanwhile, am registering this slowly (I haven’t actually HAD the coffee yet), and wondering what on earth to do. So I say brightly “Alice in Wonderland? The Disney one? The cartoon version? The song the flowers sing…?”. Anything? Anything? I’m thinking desperately. “Wasn’t that what you were singing?”

She clearly has no idea what I’m talking about, and shakes her head slowly. I grab the latte she hesitantly places in front of me, and say “Ah, well, it sounded like you were humming that. And you CAN learn a lot of things from the flowers. Ta!” and sail out the door. 

I haven’t seen her since. I’ll let you know how that goes. In case you’re not familiar with the piece, here’s the one that got me in trouble. I’m actually still giggling about it. Hope you are too.












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