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Laundry Room Makeover: Phase One

I hate my unfinished laundry room! Cement floors, exposed cinder block, a single bare bulb, and an ugly water heater… It’s time to make it part of the home.


The Before Shots:

Ok. This isn’t pretty. And because it was such a horrible little room; because we always shut the door when company came over, this room became a catch-all for “stuff”.  Don’t judge me…

A single, bare bulb. When the light is off, I walk in with hand outstretched to catch the cord. Or let it hit me in the face. Which is unpleasant enough without wondering if that was the light cord or a particularly chunky spider web. Note to self, we must call an electrician to get an actual light switch wired up for this room….

There’s a really scary set of shelves on the wall… They swing wildly every time you lift something off the shelf.

 The room just gets worse the deeper you get in to it. Not that it’s that big. It’s pretty small, and so awkwardly shaped.

 There couldn’t be a worse place to put this water heater, but we really can’t move it because of the pipes. It allows the dryer door to open, but there’s not much space beyond that.

 No, not Leaky, just Rusty…

 And then there’s this wonderful space. So cozy, so inviting; I love doing laundry in here…


So, amusing side story here… See the skull on the shelf, right above the pink sock? Well, when we took that (Halloween decoration) to the dump, and tossed it in to the giant shipping container bound for wherever those things go, I let out this evil little cackle (much to the consternation of the people tossing their stuff next to me) thinking of the poor person who was going to look down in the bin of rubbish and think they were seeing a real human skull. I know. I’m a sick puppy. But seriously, tossing a skull in to the bin and cackling? No wonder those people seemed skittish. 


Let The Pinterest Begin! (Well, how do you plan your projects?!?)

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Phase 1: Of Painted Walls & Cabinets: This is a trick I learned from my mother. Whenever you are trying to pick a paint color, get multiple sample cards, and tape them up in different parts of the room, especially under different lighting conditions. We went with Mint Majesty, by Behr.

Poor Chris climbed in to both of the scary nooks to paint. The one by the washer was so dark he was actually painting by the light of his iPhone!    It was a lot of work, and there were casualties.   We decided to go with a new cabinet we bought at Home Depot, specifically for laundry rooms. I love that it has a bar underneath for hangers! We even got a tension rod for additional hanging space over the dryer! The white louvered doors you see alongside the dryer will be used to corral the water heater in Phase One Point Five…   Here’s A Before & After Shot:  
I’m very happy with Phase One… And have been researching options for the following Phases:
Phase One: Of Painted Walls & Cabinets
Phase One Point Five: Ohhhh That Water Heater!!
Phase Two: Something Must Be Done About That Wall
Phase Three: The Floor (And Possibly The Ceiling)
Phase Four: Additional Lighting
Phase Five: The Closet Under The Stairs

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