All Arts Challenge

All Arts Challenge Update (3 of 17 done)

Back in January I posted about my plan to compete in the All Arts Challenge. Well, there’s just a little over four months until the Fair, and I guess that somehow sort of surprised me. I had been very focused on making items for my Etsy shop, and working on a few commissioned pieces. 

So here’s a look at where I stand…

Done (3 out of 17)

I consider Knitting, Crocheting, and Spinning my true hobbies… These are the things I sit down to do when I have a moment; my “go to” projects. So needless to say I already have things made for these categories, and will do a post on them right before the Fair with the items I am entering. I consider those 3 out of 17 categories “done”. 

Work In Progress (3)

This week, I knit a purse, and then felted it in the washing machine. I need to do some finishing on that (sew the handles on, add some hand felted embellishments).

I also started work on a hand-painted canvas for Needlepoint and have done more work on my Embroidery.

Up Next (3)

After I finish my WIPs (stitcher slang for Work in Progress), I am trying to push myself to do the ones I’m truly dreading – Quilting, Clothing, & Accessories.

Pending (5)

I have plans in the works for Lace making, Toys, Food Preservation, Rugs, & Furniture, but have not started anything yet. 

On Hold (3)

I plan on doing some items the week of Fair: Cheesemaking, Baked Goods, & Decorated Cakes. 


Keep track of my progress here, in the category “All Arts Challenge” or on Facebook with #AllArtsChallenge. 

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