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A Quick Update



I have been truly abysmal about updating my blog lately. As you can well imagine I am extremely busy getting ready for the County Fair, and specifically the #AllArtsChallenge!  In fact, I’m taking a break from my final project (woodworking) to write this quick update.  

  •  Since my last update on May 25, I have completed the following categories:
    1. Lace
    2. Rugs
    3. Clothing
    4. Food Preservation 
  • I also still have to write up my pieces for:
    1. Knitting
    2. Crocheting 
    3. Hand spinning
  • Finish Furniture (or wood working) My final Pre-Fair category!!!
  • Plan my entries that need to be made the week of fair (for freshness sake):
    1. Baked goods
    2. Decorated cakes
    3. Cheese
  • We have also begun our work weekends setting up the fairgrounds:
    1. I am co chairing crochet
    2. In charge of all the ribbons in the building
    3. Co chairing a new “Homestead Arts” contest
I apologize for the lack of an update, but it was more important to complete the work in time for the fair, than to complete the write ups about the work for the fair.  As my friends and family know, the month before and the month after fair are crazy times. 

I do plan to try and take it “easy” this fair,  if only for the sake of “Operation Raptor”, and rest on my HOTY laurels (Homemaker Of The Year). However there’s a lot to do leading up to the event, and I am bound and determined to have everything done in time. 


So, with 18 days to go, I leave you with this:

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