All Arts Challenge

All Arts Challenge: Recap

It’s been a month since Fair ended, and I’m just now getting around to writing this post. I am beyond pleased to say that I completed the All Arts Challenge, and even went above and beyond, entering an additional 4 contests that weren’t required. At the end of the day, I entered 43 pieces in the 17 categories and 4 special contests, and came away with the All Arts Challenge ribbon, and 15 Firsts, 11 Seconds, 7 Thirds, 2 Fourths, 2 Fifths, 2 Sixths, and 4 that didn’t place (one DQ’d for mis-categorizing).

ribbons 2015My goal was completing the Challenge, so I spent a lot of time trying things I’d never done before, and was really surprised to place in categories I considered out of my comfort zone. I got a Fifth in quilting, a Third in baked goods, Seconds in felting, clothing, accessories and furniture, and Firsts in rugs and food art.

Dealing with a HOTY

In the final weeks before Fair, things got a little tense. I stopped updating my blog with posts about the projects I was working on, and started pushing hard to complete the Challenge. My fellow competitors and I were constantly checking in with each other (“How many categories do *you* have left?” “What are you going to do for *that* category?”). Seven people completed the Challenge, and I couldn’t be prouder to be one of them. 

A few of us even went out to get commemorative charms for our Pandora bracelets, engraved with AAC 2015. And I couldn’t resist the tiara charm. After all, a HOTY, even a former one, should have her tiara with her at all times.

I’m sorry it’s been so long in coming, but I promise I will continue to update my blog with the projects I entered for the Fair, as well as my continuing adventures, learning life lessons while cooking, crafting, and creating a life.


With love ~ D

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