About Me

Who I Am:

My name is Dana, and I am a 37 year old, happily married, new mother, fiber arts and culinary enthusiast. 


I am a crocheter, knitter, spinner, weaver  and if I’m sitting, I’m knitting (or one of those things!) I am active with many of my local Stitch N Bitch groups, and with my county fair. I generally have a piece of work with me. I am StitchenWitch on Ravelry. I plan to post pictures and patterns and funny insights along the way!


I have developed a love of cooking, and have become quite adventurous in the kitchen. When my husband and I bought our home, my idea of cooking was to boil water for pasta. And if I messed that up, to have Chinese on speed dial. Now I have learned to cook in my tiny galley kitchen, which is a feat in and of itself!

Little Known Facts:

I was born in New Mexico, lived in Iceland for 1.5 years, Germany for 13. I am a military brat (my father was US Air Force)!! I moved to the US when I was 15. I’ve lived in 20 houses and gone to 3 high schools.

I collect cauldrons and tarot decks, and would collect spinning wheels if I could afford it.

I have three rescue dogs (Jack, Chalupa & Archer), and have been known to rescue the occasional human.


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